Moonlight Bath by Shunga is a new sensual bath interlude for two

Shunga Erotic Art as been producing scented foaming Dead Sea salts for the past 15 years in decorated tins called Oriental Crystals (600 gr.). Oriental Crystals is for bath lovers whose habit it is to have a sensual bath daily or weekly, but Shunga thought of a different need for lovers.

A single use sea salt crystal bath packaged in a little 75 gr. box called Moonlight Bath. Available in 4 fragrances, Moonlight Bath is also made of Dead Sea salts that enhances each bathing experience with its own unique color without leaving a ring around the tub. It lighty perfumes both body and bathroom and makes unctuous bubbles.

The Ocean Breeze fragrance will result in sky blue water with a fresh aquatic odor. The Lotus Flower produces arousing salt water reminiscent of a green lagoon. Two new fragrances are now available only in the 75 gr. size: Aphrodisia and Exotic Fruits. Aphrodisia makes a flowery pink water with a rose scent as for Exotic Fruits it will turn the water a rich purple with a nice fruity perfume.

“They are sold in a compact 24 unit counter display with boxes of 48 for replenishment. This makes Moonlight Bath a quick sell at the cash register and certain up sale when added on the customers invoice this holiday season,” says Linda Mclean, Sales Representative of Shunga Erotic Art.