A sensual summer with Jimmyjane’s AFTERGLOW massage candles

Experience a very sensual summer with the luxurious AFTERGLOW massage candles by Jimmyjane. These chic candles will set the mood for an evening of intimate exploration, raising the temperatures even when the sun goes down. They are available at Scala Playhouse.
The AFTERGLOW massage candle is a premium choice for some indulgent, sensual foreplay. Light the candle to enjoy its seductive scent, then drizzle the smooth oil on the skin and feel the warmth caress your senses. The candle liquefies into luxuriant massage oil at body temperature; meaning the oil never gets too hot and is completely body-safe. The nourishing formula of the AFTERGLOW massage candles doesn’t just feel amazing, it also helps nurture your skin with premium ingredients such as Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.
The sensual AFTERGLOW by Jimmyjane is now ready to order at Scala Playhouse in two irresistible scent editions. Choose between the tropical fragrances of COCOA/FIG or indulge in the refreshing aroma of CUCUMBER/WATER. These luxurious massage candles are a great addition to your summer assortment, luring lovers with their sleek designer look and lovely smell.