Adrien Latics Ocean Storm Bullet

Adrien Lastic releases vibrating egg called Ocean Storm

The Adrien Lastic Ocean Storm is more than just another vibrating egg. The product is rechargeable from a standard USB charging point and completely waterproof to ensure reliable use in any situation along with easy cleaning. The ABS plastic construction makes this vibrating egg compatible with any intimate lubricant the user prefers. The product has ten speed settings, three constant and seven with pulsing and escalating vibrations.

Constructed from dark blue gloss ABS plastic in a form that is redolent of gentle ripples the smooth form of the egg is comfortable to use and visually appealing. The size of Adrien Lastic’s Ocean Storm is 80mm x 30mm, which is, according to the company, “the perfect size to be unthreatening  to be unthreatening yet make its presence felt and packs unparalleled power into this small package”. The hard ABS shell ensures that the maximum amount of vibration from the powerful vibrator inside is transmitted to the user’s body. Once the user has finished using the Ocean Storm it is easily removed using the plastic loop at the base provided for this purpose.

The ocean Storm has a remote control making possible for partners to enjoy it together. Small and discrete with a satin black finish the remote has two controls, on/off and the mode button allowing the holder of the remote to change the settings of the Ocean Storm even if the control is in their pocket.

To support the Ocean Storm and other new products from the creative team at Adrien Lastic its sales force has been expanded and the company is delighted to welcome back to its ranks Maggie Binoux.