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Allure Lingerie celebrates its 25th anniversary with launch of new line

Allure Lingerie celebrates its 25th anniversary in the intimate apparel industry with the launch of its new line Adore by Allure. “Adore is intoxicating high fashion lingerie & nightwear that is the culmination of creating glamorous seduction by combining lace, sheer, sequins, tulle and wet look in 26 unique creations that hit the sweet spot between tease and show,” the company describes the new collection in a press release. “Adore is redefining the perception of lingerie as being only worn ‘sometimes’ through its styles that easily traverse from the boudoir to nightwear by layering with other outfits in your closet.”

Allure says, that Adore is inspired by the woman who knows that she is the center of attention. Adore will be unveiled at the Altitude Intimates Show in Las Vegas April 17-19th 2018, with a fashion show.