Allure Lingerie presents Kitten Holiday collection

Allure Lingerie released Kitten Holiday, a collection of ten lace pieces with pops of red tassels, lace ties and gold hoops to celebrate the holidays. The choice to have the bold floral material stand on its own for this collection is a new direction for the Kitten line for Autumn/Winter 2018. Flirty details like the surprise cheeky cut outs on the Kiley Bralette and zippers that run the full length of the garment as on the Mika Panty are some of Allure’s signature touches. Each piece is adorned with a zipper or tie that can become undone in a breath.

“Kitten Holiday is lace reimagined, injecting sexy into everyday, every moment. It is one of those fabrics that is complex, delicate and simply divine giving sips & peeks of you, while creating its unique aura,” Allure Lingerie describes the materials used in the new collection. “Lace is a chameleon that can transform a look from innocent to provocative. With Kitten Holiday anything goes, you can try a new identity by combining the pieces with beachwear, daywear or nightwear to add to your look, or pare down to the bare minimum by placing your most raw & confident self at the forefront.”