Amina’s Pouch debuts discreet, designer sex toy storage

Amina’s Pouch has announced the pleasure industry debut of their luxury sex toy storage brand and flagship product, the ERVAH pleasure product pouch.

ERVAH is a flexible, velvet bag designed just for storing sex toys in a discreet manner. Available in fiery red or punchy pink, the ERVAH contains three compartments to fit pleasure accessories of all shapes and sizes.

ERVAH is securely fastened with an exterior zipper and opens like a book to reveal its’ secret sections. 

An opaque, hidden toy pouch lies on one half of the ERVAH and fits medium to large-sized vibrators and dildos, holding them securely with 3 stretchy velcro straps. The ERVAH’s other half contains two additional, smaller compartments: an opaque pocket and a mesh pocket, both sized perfectly for storing butt plugs, chargers, batteries, condoms and lube.

The ERVAH measures 19 X 26 X 8 cm. All pouches are packaged with a drawstring bag sleeve and merchandised in a black, magnetic and foldable box.

Traci, the founder and owner of the Amina’s Pouch brand, says she was inspired to create the ERVAH after initial disappointment with the make-up and drawstring bags currently on the market for pleasure toy storage.

“My brand is not only to make your sex life discreet. It’s also about valuing yourself,” says Traci. “We spend hundred of dollars on a good vibe and throw it in our panty drawers or Ziplock bags. We need to start taking better care of our products.”

After several visits from nosy family members who rummaged through her night stand, Traci realized she needed better sex toy security than what her bedside drawer could provide. She wanted the sex toy bag that fit her desire for a high-end bedroom experience, and thus Amina’s Pouch was born.

“First and foremost, I am a sex positive brand,” says Traci. “Sex should be something that you enjoy. When you bring luxury to your sexual experience, it excites you.”

Traci encourages potential wholesale clients to market the Amina’s Pouch ERVAH in an enticing way. ERVAH is a term chosen by Traci for it’s sensual meaning relating to nudity and exposure. 

“Of course, one pouch isn’t going to house all of your items, but you can create multiple experiences,” says Traci. “One pouch can be for anal sex, one pouch can be for penetration, one pouch can be for clitoral stimulation, and one pouch can be for condoms. The possibilities are endless!”

Interested wholesalers can fill out an inquiry sheet on Amina’s Pouch website at or email

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