TOYJOY Anal Play now available at Scala Playhouse

The TOYJOY Anal Play collection by TOYJOY Classics is made for backdoor exploration. Stock up on the Bubble Butt Player plugs and accessorize with some quality TOYJOY Anal lube to make your intimate journey of discovery go even smoother.

The Bubble Butt Player from the TOYJOY Anal Play range comes is a smooth butt plug that comes in four different sizes: the Starter is a great plug at entry-level, for lovers who wants to start exploring the world of Anal Play. The Advanced is suited for lovers who already have anal experience, but want to take it a step further. The Expert is, as its name suggests, suited for lovers with a great knowledge of anal pleasure. The Pro, the largest in the range of Bubble Butt Player plugs, is not for the faint-hearted and provides maximum anal stimulation. All the Bubble Butt plugs – available in the colors black and purple – are made of a 100% pure silicone and feel smooth to touch.

The brand new TOYJOY Drugstore Anal Lubricant is a well suited accessory to the Bubble Butt Player plug. The extra thick, high-quality product is made of premium ingredients to ensure a sensational long-lasting glide. The Anal Lubricant comes in a sleek, non-intimidating packaging, allowing for mainstream in-store presentation.