Aneros officially launches long awaited new vibrating device

Aneros is excited to officially open sales of its new and long-awaited vibrating prostate massager. Aptly named the Helix Syn V (for vibration and the numeral V) it is a 5th generation hands-free male G-spot stimulator, combining the legendary shape and anatomically designed contours from Aneros’ most popular model with the added intensity of vibration. The Helix Syn V comes with 8 vibration patterns at 3 speeds providing 24 sensory experiences. Ultra-compact with easy on-board control, the Helix Syn V can last up to 3 hours on the highest setting in variable mode on a single charge.

The Helix legacy began in 2004 with the release of Aneros’ “Next Generation” series, the first collection of products designed exclusively for Aneros by its parent company HIH. Within a
year, Helix sales surpassed all other models establishing itself as a flagship item. The evolution of Helix since that time is a story of ongoing success through refinement and innovation. Using different materials for comfort and rebalancing architecture for improved performance this resulted in 3 more editions. The last of these, the Helix Syn Trident, has gone on to become the best-selling product in the company’s history and is now the world’s most popular hands-free prostate massager. Still, for some users there was a missing element…vibration. Since the Helix was first introduced the idea of a vibrating version was regarded as something of a ‘Holy Grail’ in users circles and Aneros’ single most requested new item.

“The technology wasn’t there. To call a new item a vibrating Helix, it had to perform as good or better than a Helix and it had to maintain the look and conformation of the original device. That wasn’t possible years ago. Fortunately, things have changed recently with the development of smaller, more powerful batteries and motors. Aside from a small control tab extending from the base, and magnetic charging contacts, the Helix Syn V is almost indistinguishable from the Helix Syn Trident, yet it’s a far more versatile, more powerful device,” according to Aneros Product and Business development manager Forrest Andrews.