Anniversary Edition Camouflage Prestige ElectraLoops come to ElectraStim for a limited time

Consistently one of the most popular products in the ElectraStim range; the conductive rubber Prestige ElectraLoops have had a makeover for ElectraStim’s 20th anniversary.

Utilising hydro-dipping technology, the solid aluminium adjustment choke on each loop now sports a seamless forest camouflage design that adds a fun novelty factor and a pop of eye-catching colour. Due to the nature of the hydro-graphic process each set of loops are totally unique; showing off a different part of the camo pattern each time. 

In use, the Camo Prestige ElectraLoops work in exactly the same way as the classic ElectraLoops with a unipolar connection and 6.5mm thick conductive rubber that delivers strong yet smooth and controllable sensation. This anniversary edition of the Prestige ElectraLoops will be available while stocks last alongside the classic Red, Silver and Gold original designs.

Prestige ElectraLoops Camouflage are available for a limited time only. All orders should be sent to