Aspire – New from Playharda Wholesale

The new Aspire Range from Playharda Wholesale is designed to capture the customer’s interest and provide them with something new and different

Aspire’s concept introduces the customer to luxurious and elegant products that stand out. For the customer searching for an exciting new pleasure, they will be fulfilled and inspired by the range of products Aspire offers. PlayHarda Wholesale have chosen to go for middle ground in terms of where the product fits in the market. They have designed packaging with a high-end look but chosen to go for a mid-range price point, showing customers that high-end doesn’t have to equal a high price point. They have placed the range on par with other similar products, but Aspire should be more appealing thanks to the visual imagery and bold black Aspire strip down the right side of the box.

Aspire will launch with the release of four inflatable pleasure plugs, each with their own unique twist. Starting with the Perfect Pearl, this elegantly shaped plug boasts sexy, sensual curves with a pleasure pearl at the tip. Once inflated, the pearl at the tip will press and rub against intimate internal spots, while the shaft inflates and created a ‘full’ feeling. The Pump-Up Pecker is a phallic shaped plug with a rounded head, perfect for lovers of the real thing, but looking for a thicker, wider girth. Pump it up and feel the intense sensations as the plug fills the cavity with it’s stimulating and fulfilling size.The third product in Aspire’s launch range is the P-Spot Pleasure Plug. As the name suggests, this is designed to target the prostate perfectly. With it’s almost zig-zag shape, the plug is easy to insert and comfortable once inside. When you’re ready to experience a prostate massage, inflate using the inflation bulb and let the tip of the plug press and rub against the sweet spots, reaching further than many other prostate plugs can. With both prostate pleasure and the feeling of the girth as it expands inside, this is one of the more intense plugs in the range. Finally, The Twisted Tail is definitely the most unique product in our pleasure plugs range. The plug features a cute, twisted tail with a shaped inflatable butt plug on the other end for easy insertion, perfect for those into pup play. But this plug hides a special feature. The opposite end of the tail can also be inflated at the same time as the shaped butt plug. It allows the plug to be used at either end, depending on preference, or even with a partner as a double ended inflation plug. A unique product with a quirky and unusual twist… hence the name, The Twisted Tail!

All of the inflatable plugs in Aspire’s new product range feature detachable inflation pumps, so once the plug reaches the required size, the user can remove the pump and hose, allowing the plug to be worn underneath clothing with ease, free from a dangling hose and bulb. Made from body-safe silicone, each plug is phthalate-free, compatible with all lubricants and features a quick release valve on each bulb. Every Aspire Pleasure Plug comes in its own presentation box for easy storage after use.