BananaPants – Available at Playharda Wholesale

Playharda Wholesale has just launched the brand BananaPants. This innovative range brings comfort and style to users of strap-ons, helping to make for a smoother, more enjoyable ride. 
The Bumpher features a pocket on one side to place the base of a dildo in, with a textured surface on the other. During use, the Bumpher gently stimulates the clitoris and vaginal area while the strap-on dildo is being inserted into the partner. The B.Crush is a slightly larger version with a sticky base, allowing larger dildos that won’t fit with the Bumpher to be ‘stuck’ to the cushion. These are really clever products and help make sex more comfortable! There’s nothing worse than having the hard base of a dildo being pressed up against your most intimate area, so these are great solutions to the problem and are sure to be very popular.