Better together: the new NŌS penis ring is making couples come together — as in, simultaneously!

Orgasms are some of the most beautiful things in life. This breathtaking, intoxicating feeling is even better when you experience it together. While 95% of all men can achieve climax through penetration alone, only around 18% of women can reach orgasm from just vaginal intercourse. The new penis ring from FUN FACTORY was designed to close this orgasm gap once and for all. NŌS helps couples experience simultaneous orgasms. The ring’s specially engineered shape ensures a harder, longer-lasting erection while two vibrating fingers target the head of the clitoris. With NŌS, couples get closer than ever — by sharing one of the most beautiful experiences. 

NŌS – the new standard for penis rings 

The name NŌS (Latin for ‘we’) says it all. Because having sex with a partner is all about togetherness. The unique shape is designed with both the clitoris and penis in mind. Two gently curved fingers envelope the clitoris while powerful dual motors inside deliver stimulation to just the right spots. Both partners enjoy vibration ranging from delicate to powerful until they reach an electrifying orgasm together. The slightly tapered interior of the ring caresses the penis while providing precise pressure on two of the shaft’s hotspots, ensuring a comfortable fit and longer, harder erections. NŌS takes togetherness to a completely new level. 

So many ways to play for tons of FUN

In addition to its unique design, NŌS gives couples countless ways to play and discover new positions or experience old ones in a completely new way. Because this vibrating penis ring can be flipped to face any direction desired. Couples can point the vibrating fingers down, for instance in the reverse cowboy position or for doggy-style sex to stimulate the clitoris and testicles at the same time. And NŌS is also great giving blowjobs an extra kick. Four different speeds and an arousing ‘flirt’ setting are sure to provide intense sensations. Even when things get wet and wild, NŌS always stays right where it belongs thanks to its firm hold. What’s more, both partners can still use both of their hands to touch and pleasure one another. 

NŌS is available in Black and Deep Sea Blue. Like all FUN FACTORY toys, the new penis ring is made in Germany of velvety, medical-grade silicone. NŌS will retail for €69.90.