CLS Healthcare is bringing sex toys to the mantelpiece

An interesting product launch at eroFame 2018 were the first two products under the Dutch Spirit label of CLS Healthcare: a dildo and a butt plug. While many producers focus on the use of new materials, The Dutch Spirit reverts to a traditional artisanal material: ceramics.

“The idea for the products arose when we thought about what CLS Healthcare stands for as a company, and how we want to profile ourselves in an international market. We are a real Dutch company, and it seems that, for example, Asians seem to find that quite interesting. People think of windmills, tulips and Delft Blue ceramics, of course, but for us values such as freedom, tolerance and openness are important. We look at intimacy and sexuality in a certain way and what role they can play in the lives of people, and in society as a whole,” said Rits Douwes of The Dutch Spirit. “Then we thought it would be nice to translate this attitude -The Dutch Spirit- into a product. So, a toy made of Delft blue ceramics. We partnered up with Fenna Oosterhof, a Dutch designer who specializes in ceramics. Many things come together in the products: Traditional use of materials from the seventeenth century, a contemporary Dutch designer and the opportunity to enrich your sex life in a way that suits you.”

Asked, if ceramics a suitable material for a sex toy, Rits Douwes continued: “Well, if you look at it from a perspective of functionality, you can probably find more suitable materials. By the way, we did find records of toys that were used hundreds of years ago; and we copied the simple but smart system where you can heat the toy before use by filling it with hot water. But we think that this is the first time you can simply place your toys on your mantelpiece, as a decorative object.”

The Dutch company is also planning on expanding the range further. For not they offer a dildo and a butt plug. “We can still vary on these two themes,” Rits explains, “Different sizes, different decorations. Also, Geisha balls also lend themselves well to be made from ceramics. Anything that looks as good on your bedside table as on your mantelpiece.”