BRUMA launches new delay spray

BRUMA is proud to announce the launch of its new Delay Spray, an innovative intimate spray designed to help delay and extend intimate relations, allowing for longer-lasting performance and more passionate and satisfying relationships. The BRUMA Delay Spray is specially formulated to enhance the intimate experience, increasing pleasure and connection in every encounter.

Features of the BRUMA Delay Spray:

  • Delay Spray: Formulated to delay the moment of ejaculation, this spray helps prolong the duration of intimate relations, ensuring greater enjoyment and satisfaction. Ideal for those looking to improve their performance and have longer, more passionate relationships.
  • Achieve longer-lasting performance for more passionate relationships: By delaying ejaculation, the spray allows for prolonged relationships, increasing mutual connection and pleasure.
  • Delays and Refreshes: In addition to delaying, the spray’s formula also refreshes, providing a sensation of freshness that adds comfort and enhances pleasure during use.
  • 30 ml Travel-Size Format: With a compact 30 ml bottle, it is perfect to take with you anywhere. Its travel-friendly size allows you to enjoy its benefits anytime and anywhere, without worrying about space.
  • Spray Dispenser: Equipped with a practical spray dispenser, it ensures easy and precise application, distributing the perfect amount of product with each use.
  • Perfect Amount for Each Use in a Single Spray: Each spray is perfectly dosed to ensure the right amount, making the experience hassle-free and waste-free.
  • Controlled Spray Formula: Its formula has been developed to offer a controlled spray that covers the area evenly, ensuring a complete and effective application. The spray design allows for simple and quick application, ensuring the product covers the entire area uniformly and efficiently.

The BRUMA Delay Spray is available from Dreamlove.