CalExotics Four Packs Kits

CalExotics extends Kits collection

CalExotics adds four new styles to their Kits collection. The collection, which was originally launched in July of 2015, offers some of the company’s most popular selections in convenient packages.

The four new additions align with the Kits collection categorization style, His, Hers and Ours:

  • His Nipple Kit includes nipple vises, Nipple Play Advanced Nipple Suckers and vibrating clamps.
  • His Enlargement Kit includes an enlargement pump, Adonis Extension, cage enhancer and erection enhancers.
  • Hers Intimate Kit includes Nipple Play Tweezer Intimate Clams, Nipple Rings, Mini Nipple Suckers and Vibrating Nipplettes.
  • Ours Sensual Kit includes a Body and Soul massager with vibrating bullet, Lover’s Thong with Stroker Beads and enhancer right.

“The key to a successful kit is coordinating complimentary products in a compelling package. Everything in the Kits collection exceeds these expectations and this is why we’ve seen such high demand. We’ve designed the new kits to meet these qualifications; we expect the same overwhelming demand from our new kits as we did with the July release” says Susan Colvin, Founder and CEO of CalExotics.