CalExotics launches Impulse e-stim collection

CalExotics has launched its new Impulse collection featuring four, intimate electric muscle stimulation (EMS) sex toys to help tighten, tone and strengthen Kegel muscles for more intense orgasms. The new line, which features three vibrating wands and one remote control Kegel exerciser, was inspired by vaginal electro-stimulation research that shows e-stimulation to be beneficial in pelvic muscle training and bladder control while increasing sexual satisfaction.

EMS is used in physical therapy for a number of different treatments including those for post-surgery muscle rehab. It transmits low-grade electrical impulses to the nerves of certain muscle groups which cause muscles to contract. When used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, the impulses send an electrical message to the Kegels that tell the muscle fibers to contract, and relax, without the participant having to actually think about squeezing. These gentle impulses are delivered via small zinc alloy pads featured on the Impulse products and are delivered by the user by pressing a button. With regular use, studies show electro-stimulation of the pelvic muscles can lead to a decrease in urinary incontinence and leakage, as well as more intense orgasms.

By launching the Impulse collection, CalExotics is combining physical pleasure with pelvic health, which, according to CalExotics’ resident sexologist, Dr. Jill McDevitt, is revolutionary. “I really can’t think of a better marriage than sexual pleasure and sexual health, working together, at the same time. Impulse has seven different functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation so you can enjoy and play while you work.”

Impulse produces a mild sensation, offering five different levels of electro-stimulation. This allows users to start at the lowest level and work their way up, if they so choose. The best way to test the electro-stimulation features is by placing Impulse in the crux of the elbow. This way, the pads are in contact with soft tissue, similar to the soft tissue inside a woman’s body. It is recommended to use Impulse with the vibration setting on first, allowing the body to feel pleasure in the combination of electro-stimulation and vibration.

The Impulse collection features:

  • Intimate E-Stimulator Wand, a curved wand massager
  • Intimate E-Stimulator Petite Wand, a smaller, leaner version of the e-stimulator wand
  • Intimate E-Stimulator Dual Wand, a sleek rabbit-style massager
  • Intimate E-Stimulator Remote Kegel Exerciser, a tingling Kegel trainer with remote control functionality