Chakrubs debuts The Forest Line

Vanessa Cuccia, founder of The Original Crystal Sex Toy Company, Chakrubs, has debuted her latest collection of pleasure products, The Forest Line.

The Forest Line finds Chakrubs exploring wood as a new form of sexual-spiritual media. Each piece is carved from walnut or Rock Maple wood and hand-dyed by artist Cara Marie Piazza using botanical and plant essences, making no two pieces exactly alike.

“The Forest Line asks the user to strengthen the muscle of imagination with the symbolism of trees and flowers as the base,” says Cuccia of the inspiration behind the series, which includes 6 unique insertable wand pieces, a c-ring, and a stand specially made to hold Chakrubs’ products.

Released on Earth Day, Cuccia invited press and close friends to an exclusive launch dinner in New York City, complete with a flower-infused, multi-course meal for invitees, prepared by gourmet chef Elisa da Prato.

“Flowers, after all, are nature’s sex organs,” continues Cuccia. “They remind us of our innate sensitivities and help us tune into our feelings and sense of touch. Trees hold a special bond with humans because we provide life force to each other; the trees emit oxygen for us to breathe and thrive off our carbon dioxide.”

The Forest Line collection is manufactured in Long Island, New York by craftsman Kevin Itwaru and coated with Nobessence’s patented Lubrosity finish, ensuring that each piece is silky-smooth, odorless, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and body-safe.

Earlier this year, Cuccia announced the coming release of her first book, Crystal Healing & Spiritual Pleasure, which debuts on June 12th 2018, and in 2017, the Los Angeles Hammar Museum of contemporary art featured Chakrubs in their summer exhibition.

As the Forest Line becomes available for direct sale on May 15th, Cuccia is putting out a call to potential collaborators, small retail boutiques, and galleries and specialty shops with an interest in offering one-of-a-kind pleasure objects for viewing or sale.

“By contrast to the wholesale approach that supports Chakrubs’ crystal products, The Forest Line will be offered in smaller quantities,” says Cuccia, “and I’m eager to select a limited number of businesses, art galleries, and other unique promotional avenues that share the core values and mission of the Chakrubs brand.”