Lelo Hex Promo picture with condom tip

Charlie Sheen endorses Lelo Hex condom

Charlie Sheen has joined forces with Lelo to unveil Lelo Hex, a condom that is structurally different and aimed at addressing complaints people have with condoms today: that they reduce pleasure, slip frequently and break too easily. Lelo’s engineers spent a total of 7 years in developing Hex fuelled by the discovery that to upgrade the condom it wasn’t the material that needed to change, but the structure itself.

Filip Sedic, Inventor of Lelo Hex and founder of Lelo said, “We’re building a better future and improving the world’s sexual health through innovations in technology and design. The challenge was to make something radically different with a material already approved for condom use. We did this because people need to be having great, safe sex today, not 10 years from now. That’s why all the talk of new condoms has never resulted in a revolutionary design making it onto store shelves. Talk is talk, but innovation is what really changes things.”

The Lelo Hex design is unique in that it combines a 0.55mm hexagonal web with 0.45mm latex panels. This allows Hex to flex and mold to the uniqueness of the wearer, while it channels unwanted stress through the structure itself.

Lelo Hex will be available to order globally from June 13th to August 12, with a promotion price of more than 40% off retail and free global shipping. The first round of orders will be shipped globally as soon as the campaign ends. Set up with multiple offers to encourage customers to try Hex, Lelo will run the same campaign in partnership with crowdfunding site Indiegogo.