Cobeco Bio – The new natural and sustainable collection by Cobeco Pharma

Cobeco Pharma brings natural ingredients and sustainable packaging with the release of their new brand Cobeco Bio. This eco-friendly collection presents three essential products to enhance the natural and sustainable lifestyle of the eco-conscious consumer. The Cobeco Bio collection includes a natural intimate lubricant, natural massage oil and an organic toy cleaner. These products are developed with full deliberation and precision: from natural ingredients to sustainable packaging, with recycled and recyclable materials and special labels with CleanFlake technology.

Sustainable Packaging

With the Cobeco Bio packaging, Cobeco Pharma wants to contribute to a circular economy and ‘close the loop’ by using sustainable and recycled materials. The packaging is made of recycled PET (rPET) that can be recycled again, and the labels use special CleanFlake™ adhesive technology that dissolves during the recycling process. This adhesive technology keeps PET recyclable as the labels can be separated from the packaging, thus it will not affect the recycled pulp.

Natural Formulas

The Cobeco Bio collection includes three natural formulas that are completely vegan and contain natural ingredients. This way, you can experience true natural pleasure and enjoy carefreely. 

The Cobeco Bio Natural Lubricant is a water-based intimate lubricant with a hydrating and moisturizing effect. It is certified by the BDiH as 100% natural according to the “Natural Product Standard”. This means it contains 100% natural and vegan ingredients, without synthetic fragrances, colors and flavors. The Cobeco Bio Natural Lubricant complements the natural body moisture for more comfort and sensation during sexual intercourse

The Cobeco Bio Natural Massage Oil is a soft massage oil for a relaxing massage. It contains only natural ingredients and no perfume, making it soft and nourishing to the skin. It glides easily on the skin thanks to its spreadable texture and assures a wonderful massage. 

Lastly, the Cobeco Organic Toy Cleaner hygienically cleans erotic toys and has more than 97% natural ingredients. This toy cleaner provides a natural and thorough cleaning while maintaining the quality of your erotic toys.

The Cobeco Bio collection is now available.