Cobeco Pharma announces: 2023 advent calendars and gift boxes for your brand are coming soon

The second half of 2022 has only just begun, but Cobeco Pharma has already started preparing the new private label advent calendars for the 2023 festive season. Trending formulas are being combined with various packaging options to create the perfect premium product for your 2023 advent calendar. This season they want to spice it up and include luxurious ready-made gift boxes. With new exciting products coming, we want to make 2023 even more festive and fun for you and your customers.

Advent calendars are a great marketing tool to generate more exposure and sales for your brand. They spark excitement in customers and generate brand and product awareness throughout the festive month. Customers are introduced to your assortment and can try out samples of various products they might not have bought on their own. Engage with your customers and create a hype around your advent calendar on social media to make your advent calendar sell out in minutes. Customers are more triggered to buy limited edition products and can’t resist a good deal, knowing they will receive more value than the price they pay.

Tell a story with your advent calendar that attracts the customers’ attention. Completely festive-themed, or keep it more general for every moment in the year? Lubricants, massage oils, room mists, or other wellness products? It is up to you! Cobeco is specialized in developing and producing products for advent calendars, and we are happy to help with the development of your 2023 advent calendar.

More details on the Cobeco Private Label 2023 advent calendar and gift boxes are coming soon. Want to be the first to receive all the details? Send an email to