Cobeco Pharma introduces new trending lubricant formulas

Cobeco Pharma introduces five new lubricant formulas for private label, following the latest trends in the market. The new formulas are all vegan, pH-friendly, and contain various exclusive ingredients that are popular amongst consumers.

“Over the years, natural formulas have gained massive popularity amongst consumers. Also, caring ingredients like hyaluronic acid and tea tree are popular additives in various cosmetic products and now also for lubricants. We have developed these new formulas according to the needs in the market to create high-quality formulas that customers will enjoy,” the company says.

The Natural Lubricant Sensitive Aloe Vera is a gentle, intimate water-based lubricant with 100% natural ingredients and aloe vera extract, designed for sensitive skin. Aloe vera has skin protecting and moisturizing properties and provides a calming effect, which is extra beneficial for sensitive skin. Contains no synthetic fragrances, colors, or flavors.

The Natural Hydrating Lubricant Hyaluronic Acid is a soft and hydrating, water-based lubricant with 100% natural ingredients and hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is moisturizing and provides extra hydration for intimate skin to increase comfort during sex. Contains no synthetic fragrances, colors, or flavors.

The Panthenol Lubricant Water-Based is a nourishing intimate lubricant with the special addition of panthenol. Panthenol has a nourishing and regenerating effect that makes the intimate skin smooth by counteracting roughness and complements the natural body moisture to provide intimate ease.

Tea tree oil has antioxidative properties that protect the skin from free radicals and adds a refreshing scent to the experience. The Tea Tree Lubricant Water-Based complements the natural body moisture and helps with intimate discomfort, thanks to its hydrating and moisturizing effect.

The Warming Coconut Lubricant Water-Based has a wonderful warming effect on the skin and an exotic hint of creamy sweet coconut. The warming effect stimulates the most sensitive parts of the body to enhance the sensual experience.

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