Cobeco Pharma’s Male collection is a must have for all men

Cobeco Pharma’s Male collection applies to men of diversified backgrounds whom all have different sexual preferences. This collection contains lubricant, lotion, talcum powder and wipes. The cleaning wipes are a must-have for all men who are sexually active and in the need of a quick clean up. The cleaning wipes are multipurpose, suitable for things such as cleaning the body, penis or butt before and after sexual activity. The delay wipes are formulated with lotion that helps to delay the moment of ejaculation, providing more control to the man so he can last longer during sexual intercourse. Both these wipes are a unique travel companion, discreet and conveniently packaged. To add Cobeco Pharma’s Male collection to your assortment please head over to your local wholesaler that stocks Cobeco’s products or visit Cobeco’s online Intimate store at