CoolMann – For all men who know what they want and need

The creation of Cobeco’s CoolMann range originated from a specific need of solely stimulating products for men. As the market is full of products with stimulating products for women or couples, the CoolMann range is created for the mature man that has a clear picture of what he wants and needs, especially in the bedroom. These men have been able to make sure their own needs are fulfilled in areas they consider as important. The CoolMann range consists of 8 products, all with the purpose to help stimulate where needed. 

And with this in mind, Cobeco is proud to present the newest addition to the CoolMann range, the CoolMann Plug ‘n Play duo set for a great evening full of anal play. This fun set contains a soft but robust anal plug, made of 100% safe silicone, and a 50ml anal water-based lubricant. 

 The addition of the duo set completes the full range. The CoolMann range consists of state-of-the-art lubricants and supplements that can be used for different purposes, and lastly the delay gel;

The CoolMann Bodyglide is the original body lube in this range and can be used for different purposes. The body lube is water-based and will not affect any toys. Next to the Body glide, there is also the CoolMann Anal lubricant in the range. The Anal lubricant has a thicker consistency than the CoolMann Body glide, which ensures lots of hours of anal play without needing to reapply. Both bottles come with a convenient pump bottle. For some extra aid and support, the CoolMann range also consists of several supplements that all have a different purpose. However, they will all come down to the same thing, to support the stimulation, where and when needed;

 When in need of some direct stimulation, there are the Coolmann Potency Direct tabs. The well-balanced herbs (ginseng, maca, and zinc) help improve the erection and stimulate the sexual desire. The CoolMann Testoboost has a positive effect on the blood circulation of the penis, thanks to a balanced composition of ingredients, such as Tribulus Terrestris, Saw Palmetto Siberian Ginseng, and L-arginine. 

For extra aid on the longer term, The CoolMann Male Potency tabs support the blood supply and can have a positive influence on the blood circulation of the penis, with ingredients such a Tribulus Terrestris and Ginkgo Biloba. Furthermore, the CoolMann Cum Enhancer is a unique product based on natural ingredients, such as selenium and zinc, that can help improve sperm quality and sperm production.

Finally, the range is complete with the CoolMann Delay Gel, which has been created as a support for premature ejaculation. This unique product gives more control as it helps to delay an ejaculation by creating a slight cooling effect.

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