Cottelli Collection High Heels: High-quality, thigh-high boots

The Cottelli Collection label not only offers lingerie combinations and nightclub outfits, it also offers seductive high heels, which add that sexy finishing touch to any outfit.  These black thigh-high boots with lacing are a product for customers who love wearing mini skirts or hot pants and showing off their legs. However, they’re also a roleplay accessory as well. “The slightly “dirty” look created by the lacing, which goes all the way up the boots, and the 14 cm high heels will definitely make women look extremely hot,” Orion Wholesale stated in a press release. The boots also have a 5 cm high platform part. The zip on the inside of each leg means that the boots can be put on and taken off very easily. The manufacturer is convinced that “these high-quality imitation leather boots don’t just get women’s pulses racing because men will also love what they see as well!”