Cottelli Curves: Sexy lingerie for a positive body image

Sexy and stylish lingerie put curvier women especially in scene. That is why ORION Wholesale has also been specialising in plus size lingerie and outfits with Cottelli Curves. After all, sex appeal is not bound to any clothing size, but thrives on charisma, charm and a positive body image. Thus, ORION’s designers do everything in their power to perfectly stage female curves. Whether suspender set, corsage, lace bra or catsuit: Small problem zones are concealed, the assets, on the other hand, so emphasized that it crackles with eroticism.

The new collection from Cottelli Curves is now available – the 5 sexy, new pieces of lingerie are available in sizes up to 4XL (European size: 60/62) or up to an F cup. The high-quality fashion is for women who want to emphasise and show off their curves. The lingerie is made out of seductive materials, has playful accessories, excellent designs, and wide bra and suspender straps for a perfect and comfortable fit. Women with feminine curves have sexy assets that can be shown off in a sexy way in these lingerie styles from Cottelli Curves.

The lingerie from Cottelli Curves is available in the sizes XL (European size: 48/50) to 4XL (European size: 60/62) or up to an F cup. They are now available from ORION Wholesale and are delivered in attractive and environmentally-friendly packaging.