Crocodile Blaze

Blaze is a bestselling product range from Dream Toys featuring an array of bondage products designed for comfort and offering real value for money. Good quality products at affordable prices is what all Dream Toys have in common and the Blaze label is no exception. In the Blaze collection Tonga recently added products with a new look: a crocodile leather look. 

Before the new Croco product line was created, the Blaze Luxury Fetish range had three distinguishable product lines: One is matte black, the second one is black with a purple diamond pattern finishing and the third one is black with a pink snake skin finishing. Tonga is giving customers who are shopping for bondage items even more choices now, by adding this new line with a shiny black croco leather look.

The Luxury Fetish collection from Blaze looks a bit more hardcore than the Blaze Deluxe collection, yet very stylish thanks to the luxurious finishing of the materials. When on display in stores they are true eye catchers, and the range offers a variety of products, appealing to anyone who loves the joys of bondage. Apart from the usual bondage products such as a collar and leash, ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, a ball gag, a blindfold and a paddle, the Blaze Luxury Fetish range includes whips, spreader bars, a hog tie set, nipple and clit clamps, a Wartenberg wheel and several other items, making sure that both beginners and experienced bondage lovers can find products they like to try out or to bring their bondage play to a new level. The Deluxe collection is a very complete product line as well, and is easily recognizable by the elegant red embroidery on a black background that adorns most of the products in this collection. The red and black bondage rope are also found in this product line. All Blaze bondage items come in matching packaging, while the boxes clearly distinguish the different Blaze product lines from each other. Blaze items are made with neoprene which gives the items a luxurious look and feel.

The products offered in the new Crocodile skin look are ankle and hand cuffs, a collar & leash, a paddle, a whip, a mask and a ball gag. Quality and shapes are the same as the purple diamond Blaze products. Tonga expects that the sexy leatherlook material will become popular. The new Blaze items can be ordered from early August.