Cupid Labs launches 3 new products on this year’s eroFame

After expanding its production facilities with a unique liquid herbal extraction technology, Cupid Labs is one step ahead with its manufacturing of herbal extracts. Using its new technology, the company developed the new erection stimulating product Shotagra. The product is a liquid shot drink, which is designed to give instant sexual power to men, who drink it 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. Shotagra contains concentrated herbal extracts and comes in a cute, shiny blue bottle of 58 ml – convenient and easy to use.

Cupid Labs is also going to introduce 2 new herbal products in the form of Oral Jellies for Men. The first is called Makagra and is an oral jelly for achieving an erection. The second one is Delayxetine, an oral jelly for delayed ejaculation. Both products are single doses of 10gm for men with a sweet taste. The company continues developing new innovative products under their slogan Better Sex.