Curly, curvy and chunky Glamour Glass

The Glamour Glass collection will have exciting new additions soon. This glass toy range from Dream Toys with its mesmerizing soap bubble colours features dildos, wands and plugs and is now also featuring a wonderful tail plug, an elegant curved dildo and a chunky plug with a loop handle.

The anal plug with a curly tail is made of Borosilicate glass, like the entire Glamour Glass collection. This type of glass is very strong, non-porous and safe for the body. The plug has a tapered tip for easy insertion and a diameter of 2,9 cm. Glass is great for additional temperature sensations. Users can store it in the fridge or put it in hot water before use. The elegant dildo has a curly tail too and it also has a tapered tip. With its smooth shape and total length of 18 cm it’s a wonderful toy that can be used in may ways for external and internal stimulation. Its diameter of 3 cm makes it suitable to be used for the vagina as well as the anus. The anal plug has a big chunky shape for a full feeling. The loop shaped handle makes it easy to navigate the plug and the gently pull it back. With its diameter of 4,2 cm it’s a lot bigger than the curly plug; it will be a very appealing plug for the more experienced users of anal toys. The beautiful colours colours and smooth shiny looks are what all Glamour Glass toys have in common. Plus that special feel that glass provides and the possibilities for temperature play. All great properties of the Glamour Glass toys from Dream Toys, the most extensive brand of Tonga BV.