Daring Intimates launches ‘Naughty Whispers’: A new collection of sexy wetlook lingerie

Daring Intimates introduces ‘Naughty Whispers’. This isn’t just a collection; it’s a captivating tale of sensuality and empowerment, designed for the modern woman who dares to feel bold and beautiful every moment of the day, the brand states.

Picture the anticipation as each piece of the Naughty Whispers collection, from the provocative Wetlook Bustier Body to the enticing Brazilian Panty Wetlook Lace Details, tells a story of confidence and allure. Crafted from high-quality stretchy materials, the collection invites women of all sizes to explore their desires and embrace their curves with pride.

The design inspiration behind Naughty Whispers is revealed in its name – sexy fetish lingerie. This isn’t just undergarments; it’s a celebration of the daring and the seductive. Intricate wetlook details, lace embellishments, and playful zippers adorn each piece, blurring the lines between sensuality and fetish, offering a collection that speaks to the bold and empowered woman within.

The face of Naughty Whispers is none other than the sultry and sexy pornstar, Julia de Lucia. Her presence adds an extra layer of allure, embodying the essence of the collection and inviting women to embrace their own inner provocateur.

SCALA is thrilled to unveil Naughty Whispers from Daring Intimates. Launched on the 29th of November 2023, this seductive line is exclusively available through SCALA. Naughty Whispers isn’t just a feast for the senses; it’s a lucrative opportunity for retailers seeking to cater to a diverse clientele. The collection, with retail prices ranging from €17,99 to €49,99, ensures a fair pricing strategy that caters to various consumer budgets. Retailers can now offer their customers a premium and provocative lingerie experience without compromise.

As the Naughty Whispers story unfolds, more provocative styles are promised to be added to the collection, allowing every woman to express her sensuality in her unique way.