Dream Toys Dinky – Available at Tonga

Bold and beautiful, strong and confident: Dinky vibes are practical and stylish, they look modern and have all the features a tough woman needs to please her craves. They offer the mind blowing vibrations she wants and have nice big, shiny metallic parts that contrast beautifully with the soft-touch silicone.
The new Dinky toy range features a curved vibrator (Jaimy D.) that can easily reach the G-spot and hotwire her engine of passion, a duo vibrator (Jimmy K.) with two motors to shift her pleasure into a higher gear, a robust wand massager (Jacky O.) with a sturdy head on a flexible neck to reach all her hot spots, and a mini vibrator (Jody F.) with stimulating ridges that is good for all kinds of satisfying jobs in all kinds of erogenous zones.
The complete Dinky tool box is expected to arrive at the Tonga warehouse early June if there are no unforeseen delays in construction or transport.