Dream Toys – Sparkling

Tonga’s new Sparkling toy line was designed with mature and adventurous women in mind, women who are in control and confident, but definitely not dull or predictable. The design, functions and styling of the new Dream Toys are made for those women. Pink-ish red or red-ish pink, but not too sweet or girly, with shiny metallic accents but no excessive bling-bling, with features that will give these women pleasure and maybe even a new experience.
The duo vibrator has a shape that is proven to be popular and effective, with a curved shaft and a rather big clitoris stimulator which has a curved shape as well. Two separate motors drive the vibrations. Julia offers more though: this duo vibrator has a 3rd motor that makes it move back and forth. The oscillation function will please our experienced ladies with a wonderful extra type of stimulation apart from the vibrations.
Cecilia is the vibe with a surprise from the Sparkling range. This vibrator features a sliding bead that can roll up and down the shaft in 6 speeds, along with 7 vibration rhythms that can also work on 5 different speeds. Vaginal and clitoral stimulation done differently.
Then there’s Sparkling Eliza, which is a bendable vibe with a tongue shape and pointy tip for precision stimulation. With 3 vibration speeds and 7 rhythms and the ability to hold the position that it’s bent into, Eliza will offer a great variety of possibilities for different stimulation every time.
There’s a good possibility that confident women in the target audience have experience with anal sex. To offer them an extra feature on top of the vibrations of a standard anal vibrator, Tonga created Isabella. This vibrating plug comes with a wireless remote control and an inflation function.
Tip vibrations
Last but not least, there’s Alexandra, a tip vibrator with 10 exhilarating frequencies: 3 speeds and 7 different patterns. This vibe comes with three silicone sleeves for the tip, to customize the experience of pinpoint stimulation and pleasure.

The Sparkling products arrive at the Tonga warehouse early June.