Dreamlove celebrates the success of its product line AQUA

Live an experience of passion with the new range of Aqua lubricants. If you are looking for products that help you intensify your sexual relations and fulfill all your fantasies with your partner – or alone – you have arrived at the right place! In the AQUA range we have the best range of lubricants in the world in relation to quality and price”, this is how Dreamlove talks about its product line AQUA.

AAQU lubricants are specially formulated to eliminate problems associated with vaginal or anal dryness during sexual intercourse. With these products, friction during intercourse is eliminated, which translates to more enjoyment and pleasure. The lubricant is ideal for male & female products and provides even more variety and excitement: a fascinating natural effect allows users to explore completely new emotional worlds and makes them feel in a completely new way. No matter if they want to have fun with their favorite sex toy or experience a passionate night of love with their partner: the lubricant can be used with all condoms and is therefore also perfect for partner sex. The oil-free and fat-free lubricant is very skin friendly and provides long-lasting lubricating properties.

As Dreamlove reports, 5 hospitals in Spain have experimented and recommended the use of lubricants for vaginismus problems to more than 100 women. The Virgen del Rocio hospital in Seville for example has been the first hospital to recommend it through gynecologists in their treatments.