Dreamlove is introducing the BLACK HOLE Anal Relaxing Spray

The new BLACK HOLE Anal Relaxing Spray is meticulously designed to provide greater comfort and pleasure, making each encounter more enjoyable and free of discomfort. With its innovative formula and practical features, this anal relaxing spray promises to turn each use into a unique and deeply satisfying experience, enhancing relationship quality and increasing mutual pleasure.

Key Features of the BLACK HOLE Anal Relaxing Spray are:

Anal Relaxant: Its advanced formula relaxes the muscles in the anal area, facilitating comfort and reducing tension. This ensures a more pleasant and hassle-free experience.

Easy Application: The spray design allows for quick and easy application, ensuring uniform and efficient distribution in the desired area.

Easily Washable: This spray is easy to remove after use, maintaining optimal hygiene without leaving residues.

Long-Lasting Effect: It offers relaxing effects that last as long as needed, without requiring constant reapplications.

Extra Dilatation: Besides relaxing, it facilitates additional dilatation, improving comfort and making the experience more pleasant.

Slippery Texture: Its formula provides extra lubrication, reducing friction for a smoother experience.

Body-Safe: Made with a water-based formula, it minimizes the risk of irritation and adverse reactions, and is compatible with condoms and intimate toys.

Travel-Friendly Format: With a compact 30 ml container, it is perfect for travel, even by plane, complying with liquid restrictions.