Dreamlove launches the next version of BRILLY GLAM – now compatible with the WATCHME Remote Control

The brand BRILLY GLAM from Dreamlove should be well known, as it has been presented at many international trade shows. Now Dreamlove has released the next generation of BRILLY GLAM – this one is equipped with WATCHME technology. The vibrators are made of soft silicone, waterproof and rechargeable via USB. Their flexible and elegant design, sober and thoughtful lines and curves, soft feel, strong vibration patterns and LED lighting know how to convince. But it gets even better, because now the pleasure can be enhanced with WATCHME technology. All it takes is the WATCHME watch, which controls the sex toys. By means of the watch, all products equipped with WATCHME technology can be controlled. The WATCHME watch has the following functions: Activate & deactivate vibration / Change vibration modes / Change intensity in each vibration mode. “For years we have known thousands of sex toys that are controlled by remote control, taking sexual pleasure to a new level alone or with a partner. There is no doubt that it is pleasant to use a remote control, but with WATCHME we go a step further in terms of comfort and ease of use,” says Dreamlove, “when we practice sex, we focus on giving and receiving pleasure and enjoyment. When we use remote-controlled toys, we sometimes lose control between the sheets. With WATCHME, that won’t happen; the watch will always be ready to be found.” Dreamlove also points out that the WATCHME watch is very discreet. “In recent years, we have seen the development of smart watches like the Apple Watch or others, and nowadays it is common to look at them to check calories burned, read news, etc. – the only difference with the WATCHME watch is that whoever looks at it controls their own pleasure or their partner’s pleasure.” The WATCHME watch is made of soft silicone and allows the user to vary the intensity in each vibration mode while offering endless vibration modes from gentle to strong. All BRILLY GLAM products with WATCHME technology are available now and ready to ship. Each of these products comes with a sachet of WATERFEEL lubricant.