Dreamlove launches the range of AQUA Travel lubricants

AQUA Travel with its range of water-based lubricants and explosive flavor will now become the ideal travel companion. With its delicious flavor, long-lasting lubrication, easy cleaning and compact size (50ml, but also available in 6ml single-dose container), it will become an essential in any travel bag! The neutral, water-based version is ideal for sexual wellness products and offers long-lasting lubrication. This lubricant is suitable for both women, men and couples and is the perfect partner for sex toys. With its formula based on highest quality ingredients, consumers can focus on the essentials and enjoy the most sensual moments. The AQUA Travel gliding gels are also water-based and have a gel texture providing greater gliding with a long lasting effect. Available are also water-based lubes in the flavours Tropical Fruits, Lollipop, Raspberry, Strawberry and Cream.