Dreamlove presents new vibrators from GALATEA – Now compatible with WATCHME technology

The sex toys of the GALATEA brand are specially designed for couples who want to add something extra to foreplay or sex itself. The brand is for all those couples who want to make the most of the exciting adventures they share in the bedroom and who want to reach their climax while sharing pleasure simultaneously. The new GALATEA products combine deep and silent vibrations with modern designs which are sure to capture the attention and hearts of any user. The new GALATEA products are also compatible with the WATCHME technology, What is the idea behind this wireless technology? It is a ‘sexual smart watch’ (not included in the delivery) that will help users to control GALATEA sex toys. They can activate / deactivate the vibration, modify vibration modes and modify the intensities in each vibration mode with the WATCHME watch. Users can also synchronize their GALATEA toys with other sex toys that are compatible with the WATCHME technology to control the functions and vibrations of these sex toys. Now available at Dreamlove.