Dreamlove releases new INTENSE PUMP line

With INTENSE PUMP Dreamlove want men to discover the best way to improve their sexual performance, penis size and stamina. Trusted by over 300,000 users worldwide, INTENSE PUMP pumps offer authentic benefits and real satisfaction, the company says. They help to achieve an erection more easily using a vacuum system that causes blood to concentrate in the penis when it is still flaccid. The erection is achieved and maintained by means of a comfortable and hermetic seal at the base of the body, just at the junction of the penis with the pubis, thanks to which the blood is kept in the trunk. Thanks to the sleeve, the seal is firm, comfortable and tight without squeezing. In addition, all INTENSE PUMP products can be combined with the pump vibrating bullet to increase the sensation of pleasure and with the pleasure sleeve masturbator sleeve. This accessory turns the pump into a masturbator.