DUSEDO is offering the BRUTUS Hypersoft Ballbag and the BRUTUS Hypersoft Cocksling

The liquid silicone of the new BRUTUS Hypersoft Ballbag envelops the balls with a nice, warm grip. This two-in-one scrotum hugger with ball stretcher provides a beefy bulge while making the balls really hang! With the cock ring of this BRUTUS Ballbag the wearer will enjoy a harder and longer lasting erection and more sensation during an orgasm. Because the blood is held in the manhood, the cock is standing up and ready to move forward. This BRUTUS Ballbag is made of super soft liquid silicone, a unique and nice and warm soft feeling material that never pinches, even when worn for a long time.

With the BRUTUS Hypersoft Cocksling the manhood will be pushed forward provocatively. This new sex toy grabs the penis and scrotum nicely, but will never pinch because of the softness of the material, even when worn for a long time. Because this BRUTUS Hypersoft Cocksling retains the blood in the genitals, the erection will be harder and longer lasting. This BRUTUS Hypersoft Cocksling combines the stimulation of a cock ring with a ball stretcher in one penis toy. This penis toy is made entirely of liquid silicone, a unique material that feels incredibly soft and stretches for a perfect fit, so one size fits all.

Both new BRUTUS products can be ordered from DUSEDO.