Dusedo releases app controlled chastity device

“Some commit themselves to the chastity game with full dedication. With a daily playtime routine you might find yourself in a situation where your sub is not close by,” Dusedo wonders and poses the questions: “How do you know you’re sub is not cheating? Or that a temporary break is needed for whatever reason?”

All this and more is possible with the CELLMATE chastity. In combination with the app for Android and iOS the user has full control over your sub or multiple subs. The keymaster decides when his or her sub is released from the CELLMATE. The user can add multiple friends to his or her account to give control to another dom, or to change the role-play.

Is is also possible to set a time lock. The CELLMATE remains locked until the set time is over. Even the keymaster can not get the CELLMATE unlocked.

The battery life lasts 8 to 12 months with normal use and waterproof with an IPX7 rating.

This is the next level chastity device. Available in Europe at DUSEDO and in the United States at 665 Leather.

Every account has a unique user ID. When your first CELLMATE is paired to your account the first message you see is if you want to be a wearer or a keymaster. The keymaster decides when the CELLMATE unlocks. You have the ability to change your account setting to wearer or keymaster at any time with the approval of the keymaster.