E-Stim Systems launch two new product ranges

E-Stim Systems has expanded its range of electro-urethral products. It introduced the PenisPlug, a variation on the urethral sound and the ‘Cock Stoppers’. Made from solid aircraft grade aluminium and polished to a mirror finish, the Diamond style head design, stretches the urethra to aid insertion and then allows for it to close around the shaft of the PenisPlug holding it in place, and at only 44mm insertable length it allows the user to target just the head. Available in 7.5, 8.5 and 9.5mm head diameter they are ideal for all levels of experience.

The other new range released was the MicroSounds. These new products are an extension to their range of UltraSounds with the same trademark tapered tip and made of solid stainless steel but at just 55mm insertable length the MicroSounds are designed for those who only want to play at the head or for females looking to explore the world of urethral play. It has four diameters 6,8,10 and 12mm.

Both of these ranges are covered by E-Stim System’s Lifetime Guarantee and made in their own worships in the UK. Available to order direct from E-Stim Systems with shipping worldwide from 1st March 2016.