EDC Wholesale introduced eco-friendly vibes – GLØV products are made from recycled materials

GLØV is the latest addition to the house-brand selection of EDC Wholesale. The company introduced an eco-friendly vibrator collection made from recycled materials. GLØV offers 3 vibrators and is now available for retailers to order at EDC Wholesale.

GLØV has an organic look and feel. Soft beige and a matt green tint are the colors this brand breathes. The brand is about green living, caring for nature, and caring for yourself. The package is small and simple, so it uses as few resources as possible. The organically plant-like shaped logo and the recycled paper look of the package send across the message of sustainability. The green products inside embody this feeling too, with the color of nature.

GLØV means ‘believe’ in Norwegian. This cleverly chosen name fits perfectly with the look and ideology of this brand. Scandinavian countries are known for their sustainability initiatives, hence the use of the Norwegian word for ‘believe’. The brand believes in self-love and a green future for our beloved planet.

GLØV is for women who are already on a path to living more sustainably and want to see their green lifestyle reflected in the bedroom. She is a conscious consumer.