EDC Wholesale launched INTOME, a new line of intimate care products

EDC Wholesale launched a new line of intimate care products, to nurture, stimulate, delay, enhance or clean. INTOME is the newest house brand, designed by the Holland-based wholesaler and is available for retailers to order now with a special 10% introduction discount throughout May.

The line offers drugstore products for both him and her. In this extensive collection, you will find items such as a breast-enhancing cream, anal relaxing gel, hydrating vagina gel, and intimate cleansing spray. INTOME takes care of the body, inside and out, with an ever-expanding range of intimate essentials, using the softest quality ingredients for intimate care.

“Intome is designed for a wide target audience and the category is fairly intimate. With that in mind, our designer managed to keep the package design simple and elegant”, said Evertine Visser, Marketing Manager at EDC Wholesale. “The reason to buy this kind of intimate products can be quite fragile, so we wanted the products to speak for itself. The package is designed with a contrast of colors to make the products pop, by using bright colors and a literal “explosion” in the background texture. The theme of contrast is also reflected in the combination of white and the dark shade on the side of the box.”

The line includes 12 products in 6 different categories with intimate care products in tubes of 30ml and 75ml for both him and her and offers drugstore products in a mainstream look and feel.