EDC Wholesale launched new brand called ‘Lockdown’

EDC Wholesale launched a new brand with a name everyone can relate to nowadays. Lockdown is a line of chastity cages, to quarantine his dominance. The Lockdown chastity cage makes it impossible for the wearer to get an erection. The beautiful packaging and high quality materials make it an exciting bondage experience. Lockdown is a package deal with outstanding content and media packs to download for retailers to create an awesome online and in-store marketing campaign. A cock cage is a perfect choice to give the dominant partner complete control.

Thanks to its accessible and practical design it is easy to put on and perfect to wear for a longer period. The cock cage prevents sexual pleasure through masturbation and penetration, this giving the dominant partner complete control over the wearer’s chastity. Lockdown comes in a beautiful box and has a comfortable wear. The collection includes cock cages in 3 different sizes; S, M and L and is available for retailers to order now.