EDC Wholesale’s SENZI takes the stimulation straight to the point

EDC Wholesale introduced its newest member to the EDC house brand collection; Senzi, a beautifully designed pinpoint vibrator that takes the stimulation straight to the point. The stylish vibrator comes in a luxurious storage case, to safely store the toy and discreetly carry the vibrator anywhere. The Senzi vibrator is provided with 12 vibration settings, which are easy to set with the push button on the handle. Senzi is completely waterproof, USB rechargeable and available in three stylish colors: soft pink, deep pink or black.

EDC Wholesale added the Senzi vibrators to its house brand collection and designed a stylish package and look and feel for the products. “Less is more,” said EDC Wholesale’s designer Suzanne about the style she created for Senzi. “The name is inspired by the word ‘sensual’ and ‘senses’, which is exactly what the pinpoint vibrator stands for; Activate your senses, sensuality, and imagination.” 

The Senzi collection is available for retailers to order now.