ElectraStim adds ‘Explorer’ to the Silicone Noir Range

“Sometimes you have moments when developing products where you look at a prototype and think ‘Why haven’t we done this before?’” reveals Claire, Marketing Manager for ElectraStim. 

Joining the established Silicone Noir range of accessories, the Explorer Finger Sleeves are an incredibly simple silicone cap/sleeve that sits on two fingers and gives the wearer the power of electro at their fingertips.

“There have been products like this on the market before, but they are generally in the form of gloves and may even require latex gloves to be worn underneath to prevent the hands from being stimulated. Fabric/wire woven gloves are not practical when using conductive gel to optimise sensations and they’ll need to be cleaned in the same way as other household fabrics which isn’t exactly convenient. Explorer can be quickly washed in warm soapy water or with sex toy cleaner and allowed to air dry.”

“Electro-sex is still a niche area of the adult industry and there are unfortunately still a lot of misconceptions. E-stim isn’t all about electrifying a giant dildo or ‘torture’ play, it’s also about slow, sensual play and discovering how the body responds to a totally unique type of stimulation.” 

“Explorer is incredibly effective for use on more sensitive areas of the anatomy. Whereas clitoral play for example was a bit intense with earlier toys in our range like Halo, Explorer has solved that issue by having a wider area of contact and a more friendly material.” says Claire.

The Explorer sleeves can be worn as a pair, or as a single unipolar accessory when combined with any other unipolar electrode like a conductive pad or cock ring. Compatible with any ElectraStim stimulator, the inside of Explorer is insulated so that the wearer won’t receive any stimulation through their fingers during play. Explorer Sleeves perfectly compliment the newly launched KIX Electro Stimulator for electro beginners; not only with their function but also providing an accessory that is an extremely economical option for customers exploring electro for the first time.