ElectraStim introduces Prestige ElectraLoops

The latest addition to the ElectraStim line of electro-sex products, Prestige ElectraLoops, builds on the success of their conductive rubber loop design. Simple to use but with a versatile design that allows for a range of different wearing configurations, the new thicker tubing ensures a greater surface area of contact for more even and powerful stimulation. The thick rubber also provides a firmer grip on the shaft (when compared to thinner loops) which aids longer lasting and stronger erections. Designed with a CNC-machined aluminium choke for easy adjustment, the ElectraLoops are available in three striking anodized colour finishes; Red, Silver and Gold.

Additionally to optimise the electro-stimulation the manufacturer embedded the 2mm connection socket into the choke itself. This creates a lower resistance path through the rubber and allows the user to experience the full intensity that they desire whether they’re a newbie or a veteran of electro-play.

An aluminium stopper in one end of the loop matches the chosen anodized colour finish, plus prevents the rubber from slipping out during adjustment. This stopper is easily removed after play so the loop can be pulled through on one side and cleaned. A single Prestige ElectraLoop can also be used by itself in conjunction with any other ElectraStim accessory i.e. a butt plug or adhesive pads. Each pack of ElectraLoops contains two unipolar loops in your chosen colour.

Additional details can be found at the ElectraStim website.

Trade Shipping Date: 20th February 2017
Retail Release Date: 1st March 2017