Emojibator launches Shark and Chickie luxury vibrators

Emojibator launched two new vibrators, the Shark and Chickie Emojibator, that add inflation and suction technology to its product line of cheeky emoji-inspired sex toys. The Shark Emojibator has dual vibrators on its fins and an air inflation stimulator. The Chickie Emojibator is a clitoral and external vibrator with suction technology that makes bath time a lot more fun.

Both Shark and Chickie are waterproof, multi-speed vibrators made of body-safe silicone and have USB charging capabilities. All Emojibator vibrators are available on their website and at retailers including Urban Outfitters, Good Vibrations, Babeland, Museum of Sex, Bulletin, GoPuff, and Fab.com.

“I love Emojibator’s humor-first approach to masturbation because we make orgasms accessible. It’s easier to dismantle the patriarchy stigma around female pleasure when I can laugh at my vibrator and proudly show it to my friends,” said Kristin Fretz, Emojibator’s co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer.