Eropartner is offering the new Zumio Caress

After the successful launch of Zumio, now the popular product has a new member in the family: the Zumio Caress. Zumio Caress retains virtually all the engineering, functionality and physical dimension characteristics of Zumio Classic with the exception of the stylus and tip.

“In order to reduce the intensity, we shortened the length of the tip to create smaller circles,” Eropartner cited in a press release. “We increased the size of the tip slightly, by adding a body safe translucent ‘pillow’ to absorb some of the energy and to increase the area of contact which in turn further distributes energy. The result is a decrease in the overall intensity without sacrificing the unique mechanism of action, pressure control and ability to precisely target pleasure zones.”

Zumio Spirotip Vibrator Caress whirls around in tiny circles, applying unique pulses of pleasure to one small area on the body (vagina) at a time. Each sensory zone around, near, and right on the clitoral button has a unique pleasure sensation and Zumio let women zoom in to experience each one. Zumio’s light weight, small tip and slender, non-vibrating handle make it easy to hold in one hand.