EROpharm IRONMAN by Joydivision

The new IRONMAN Intimate Care Spray can ensure greater endurance, vitality and strength during lovemaking. The EROpharm range from the house of JOYDIVISION is known for over-the-counter sexual formulations. With the IRONMAN product, the series is closing a gap in the market, namely that of men who have problems with premature ejaculation.

Treating the male sex organ with IRONMAN can help in more ways than just preventing premature ejaculation. Finally, thanks to the IRONMAN Spray, men can prolong lovemaking and intensify the experience; they have the option of experiencing climax in conjunction with their partner.

Thanks to high-quality ingredients, just two or three bursts of the spray can increase male sexual performance in a natural way. Furthermore, the spray nurtures the best part of a man, making it supple. IRONMAN Intimate Care Spray is available in an attractive 30 ml spray bottle with outer packaging. The packaging builds confidence, and the association with the popular and well-known EROpharm range is recognisable.