Erotic Advent Calendar from ORION Wholesale: How an idea with love for detail becomes a bestseller

ORION Wholesale has been bringing out a special Advent calendar for Christmas for over 15 years – and was a trendsetter in the erotic industry. Since then, the erotic Advent calendars have become a bestseller because they often turn the stressful Advent period into a sensual time, which then concludes with a special Christmas of love, for many customers. Christmas will quite literally become a celebration of love with the 24 products that are a colourful mix of toys, lingerie, stimulating items, bondage products and massaging devices. This is why ORION starts working on a new Advent calendar long before the Christmas period.
Sina Bazan is the product manager at ORION and has been responsible for the erotic Advent calendar, among other things, for five years. She starts planning the calendar 1 ½ years in advance – the best things are made with lots of time and love. Sina Bazan’s preparations usually start with an idea for the Advent calendar’s new design. Together with her team, Sina looks for new ideas and talks to her supplier about new possibilities. “With our packaging supplier, we have someone at our side that can make lots of things possible”, said Sina Bazan. “If I have a new idea, we get together and develop features, improvements or new designs. It’s an incredibly interesting and creative process. When we’ve finished, we’ve usually created something that’s even better than our original idea.”
Sina pays attention to the quality and the price when selecting the products – however, she also pays attention to the size of the products because the size of the boxes means that the item can’t be longer that 16 cm. “It’s important to us to be able to offer the customer a variety of products”, adds Sina Bazan. “We want to make this variety interesting for both erotic beginners and experienced couples.” Of course, customers’ wishes and suggested improvements are also taken into consideration. After all, the customer should enjoy and have fun with their calendar. The calendar always has a certain basic assortment like lubricants, lingerie, sex toys and condoms, but there are also new surprises as well. “We have matched the content to the design for the 2020 Advent calendar”, revealed Sina Bazan. “So, as a special highlight, a Womanizer Starlet in a special colour will be hidden behind one of the doors this year.”
Once the items have been selected, they then have to be assigned to a specific box in the Advent calendar. “It’s important that I order the items on time and that delivery dates are adhered to”, said Sina Bazan. “The transport and, above all, the storage needs to be organised as well because Advent calendars mean that there is a huge number of individual items, printed material and then the packed calendar itself. The number of pallets can quite easily reach three to four-digits.”

The deadline for the design must be met for a trouble-free procedure so that everything can get printed on time. Everything is done in-house and individually at ORION right up to the finished artwork. This is just like the advertising measures which also have to be co-ordinated and scheduled – all in all a big logistical and complex process. “The Corona pandemic has proven how important it is to have a small buffer just in case something unexpected happens” said Sina Bazan. “I was quite relieved that I had planned a bit more time for the Advent calendar.”
A special fun fact about Sina’s annual work on new Advent calendars: “I admit that I have a little Advent calendar fetish. I have approx. ten different versions of Advent calendars at home during the Christmas period. I have always loved this ‘Christmas anticipation’ – I hope that I can pass this on to our customers again this year as well.”
The erotic Advent calendar 2020 “…make love, it’s Christmas” can now be ordered from ORION Wholesale – only while stocks last.